How words create your reality

The life you experience today is a manifestation of your words. Your life today is the reality you have created by the words you have expressed all your life as the truth about yourself. You are living the story in which you believe.

The things that you said or heard repeatedly got wired in you brain and they have become your reality. Science has now proven that your brain is constantly rewiring itself to create your reality. The wonderful thing about this fact is that you can choose what you think about, and what you tell yourself as being true about yourself and in doing so you can literally rewire your brain for success.

Your words are the compass that leads to success or failure in life. If you talk negatively you can’t expect your life to be positive and you can’t talk defeat and expect victory. You have to focus your thoughts and words on the kind of person you want to become.

I AM statements are powerful statements about yourself. Say I am prosperous, I am a healthy person etc. Even though there is evidence to the contrary in your present reality keep your imagination focused on the powerful I am statements.

You have everything within you for greatness and success, you just have not created the conditions to manifest that success and greatness. Just as the small seed of an oak tree has everything within to manifest itself as a great oak tree, you have everything within you to manifest greatness. The oak seed just needs soil, water, and sunlight to manifest as a great oak tree, you need your fertile imagination, belief and the expectation of greatness and success.

If life isn’t the way you want it to be right now, this doesn’t have to be your future. Instead of being angry and complaining about your present situation keep focussing your thoughts and use the words of the reality you want in the future.

Never allow the words of other people of what is possible or isn’t possible to determine what you believe about yourself. Don’t allow the negative words of other people take root in your imagination. Never place in your imagination a thought that you don’t want to manifest as your reality. Instead, place in your imagination the words of the reality that you want to attract into your life.

When you imagine success, image it as though it has already happened and feel the feeling you would fell had it already been accomplished. Create the state of success which is the combination of your imagination and the physical manifestation of that imagination in your body.

Wake up and becoming conscious of the commentary running through your mind. Be aware of the story you are telling yourself. If the story does not represent the life you want, change the story to the life of your dreams. Don’t confuse the voice of the negative narrator with the truth. Ask yourself if the voice of the narrator is telling a story that is limiting your life.

Most people doubt their dreams and believe their doubts. This is why most people live a life of mediocrity We don’t have to be passive spectators in our stories nor victims of our limiting stories.

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