Why is change so hard?


Our subconscious mind doesn’t like change. When you have a certain pattern of behaviour in place over time the pattern is now “normal” for you. Even though the behaviour is limiting your life or causing problems for you there is a positive intent behind everything to do.

Why is change so difficult? I now look at certain factors that stand in the way of making the kind of change that can really transform your life.

Secondary benefits.
This is where the mind wants the easiest route to take and is more focussed on immediate results. Your subconscious mind is more interested in using the behaviour to change present uncomfortable feelings rather than doing the difficult and more comfortable that is in your best interests long-term.

Unfortunately, this is how we are hardwired, this is our primal response to life. Getting our actions in line with what we creatively or cognitively want to achieve is over-riding our primitive responses. This is why maintaining the motivation to achieve our desirable dreams is difficult and why so many people quickly cave into old established habits. 

The problem with not wanting to do the uncomfortable thing in the present is that you lose on the long-term rewards. Your mind thinks that the price you are paying for the long-term results is too high. However, the long-term price you are paying is much higher than the short-term price.

For instance, in the case of weight loss you are paying the long-term price of being overweight, having less energy, more chance of illness, a shorter life, the negative feelings of being overweight etc for not paying the price of switching junk food for healthy food.

When it comes to making changes that can help you grow as a person and reach your true potential in life, you might be terrified that it will not work out. Even though you may not be happy with your life, you are afraid of losing what you got if things won’t work out. A good question to ask is what is the worst possible thing that can happen if things don’t work out.

This is where you have to trust yourself, that you believe in yourself. For real growth, you must let go of uncertainty. It is alright to feel scared and vulnerable, it is a reminder that you are going outside your comfort zone and growing.

When you take action and follow your dreams your friends and family can try to pull you down. They may call you a wishful thinker, getting too big for your boots, they may not be able to see beyond their world of small dreams. Follow your heart not the smallness of other people’s minds.

Growing is difficult and you may not want to make the sacrifice to achieve your ultimate goals.
 The challenge can help you grow. If you take the example of getting an education in formal schooling, you go to school or college day in day out until you finally get your qualifications to make your future better.

The same is true when you leave formal schooling, putting in the hard work is going to reap rewards by helping you achieve your goals and reach your potential in life. Settling into being O.K. is comfortable but you stop feeling truly alive. 


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