Why giving is important

the benefits of generosity

What you give is going to come back to you, it might not come back through the channel that you gave it but it will come back to you. Giving doesn’t just mean giving financially, giving can mean giving love, encouragement, and support.

The reason people don’t give is that they come from a place of scarcity. There is more to life than what you own and hold onto. We don’t give because we are scared. The more you give your love away, the more you will find.  Albert Einstein said, “The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”

Giving is the action that reaps rewards for us. Think of the gardener who gives of his time to cultivating his garden. He invests in purchasing the seeds, he clears the soil. plants the seeds, fertilises and waters the soil. In the beginning, nothing seems to happen for all his time and effort. Eventually, the new shoots begin to develop and finally, he sees a garden full with the abundance of beautiful plants. This is true for everything we give the universe.

See yourself as an opening that life can work through to make a difference in life. What you hold back from life, the more life holds back from you. The more of yourself that you give to your family, community, and business the more sense of happiness and fulfillment you have inside you.

When we give what we are really giving is love. What goes round comes round. The more love we give the more love we receive. The more love we give the more abundant we are in love. The universe provided us with the abundance of love, and the more we share love the more it grows in abundance.

Giving creates energy in ourselves and the people to whom we give. In essence when you give you are giving to yourself. Don’t let the ego get in the way of giving to life, our true nature is one of giving. Life gives to us in abundance. it doesn’t hold back.

When we give it means that we come from a place of abundance,  we create a vacuum by giving that will be filled by more of what we gave. When we open our arms by giving we then are open to receive, we allow the flow of abundance to pass through us.

People who fail to give to life come from a place of scarcity and no matter what those people receive they still feel scarcity, they still want more but it is never enough. What people really want is love and the feeling that they matter but they strive for material possessions in the belief that it is through this that they shall find love and respect.

Often, people create the very opposite of what they want, they become despised and hated due to the way they operate and deal with other people. When our hands are open in giving, they are then open to receive.

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