Who are your friends?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Jim Rohn. No matter what is your mindset, to begin with, you eventually become the sum of the 5 people you spend time with. You start to develop the same attitude to money, outlook on life, attitude to fidelity, start using the same language, start developing the same way of interacting with others, mind reading what others think, have a similar diet, etc.

If you hang out with positive people, you become more positive in creating a positive life for yourself.
If you hang out with people who think that the world is out to get them, you will finally descend into a negative frame of mind. If you set goals, it is easier to achieve those goals if your closest friends are also achieving them or have already achieved those goals. You should reduce the level of contact you have with people who are going to frustrate your efforts.

There is a principle in psychology called the “crabs in the container” principle. When you put crabs into a container from which any of them can escape, if one of them is succeeding to get out of the container the others drag him back down again.

What qualities do you want to possess? What are the main qualities of the 5 people you spend most of your time with? Do they match what you want in the future? Do they enable you to achieve the vision you have for your future? Who are the 5 people with the qualities that you want to develop? How can you increase your contact with them? How can you meet them and get to know them? Do you have any friend who knows any of those people? Is there any way to get into the same social circles?

You may not have looked at friendship in this way. If your life is not where you want it to be, there are means of moving on – otherwise, you will stay stuck for the rest of your life as you are right now. You will never reach your full potential as a person or achieve your goals.

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