When life sucks


“I’m grateful for past betrayals, heartaches, and challenges… I thought they were breaking me but they were sculpting me.” ~Steve Maraboli.

Perception is everything. Whatever is the reality in the external environment, it is not the problem. The meaning we give to events can cause us to be stressed, anxious, pessimistic or we may see events as an opportunity to grow from the challenge depending on the way we perceive such events. Gifts may be parcelled as problems.

Life happens, events may not happen the way we have wished. It is very easy to lose perspective, we can become consumed by the negative events and lose sight of all our blessings.

Unhappiness is the gap between our expectation and what happens in life. We can expect so much from life. You may think that life sucks but you may have no idea of what is is like when life really sucks. The vast majority of people on this planet would gladly swap their life with your life, a life that you may perceive as a life that sucks. 

Many people on the planet have a  life of war, torture, disease, extreme poverty, persecution etc. What we may perceive as a life that sucks  would be perceived as a dream life by millions of others in the world. So, when things get rough it is important that we count our blessings, not consumed by the setbacks we encounter.

The creation of happiness involves the need for purpose, challenge, creativity and meaning in our lives. When setbacks happen we need our creativity to rise to the challenge and find meaning in the new reality of the setback.

We should not blame ourselves, blame others, blame God or whoever is the most convenient to blame. You are where you are, not where you might have been had this not happened, you must see this a  challenge that you have the creativity and perseverance to rise to, grow from and can lead to more empowered you and a more meaningful life.

So, we must remember that undesirable events can happen over which we have no control The only thing we control is the meaning we give the events. If we give an empowering meaning to events we can be positive, motivated and take action.

When we ask ourselves good quality questions the mind comes up with good quality answers. Just as an aeroplane gets off course due to the elements during the journey but it adjusts and gets back on course, we also can get back on course when we keep perspective and ask empowering questions.

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