We should stop judging others

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Earl nightingale said, “when you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself”. Every time you judge others it is usually in areas that you are weakest yourself or dislike most about yourself.

If you can recognise their flaws it is because you can see them in yourself. You are not recognising the great human being the other person really is and you might be making assumptions without understanding what the situation really is. When we stop being judgemental we see things and people as they are, we can start living in the present moment and be happy.

It is easy to take a moral superiority stance, we tend to overrate our own moral goodness, we have an innate desire to put others down to feel better about ourselves. Before judging others we should take a good look at ourselves.

People think that they are just damaging the other person but in reality, we are doing more damage to our own lives. If we want to enjoy our life we must take control of what we say.

We should say things that only benefit those who listen. If what we say in not showing a person in a better light, we should not say that at all. We shouldn’t use our words to discourage or condemn. Judging and condemning others will just crush your own spirit.

We reap exactly what we sow. If you are harsh and judgement towards others, they will be harsh and judgemental towards you. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths we have may not have but the strength the other person has, and the strengths the other person has, we may not have. People who judge will never reach their potential in life.

We do not walk in other people’s shoes, we don’t don’t what they have gone through. We don’t know why they act the way they act. Often there is a good reason people act the way they act. We only see people’s actions, we cannot see the motives of people’s hearts.

Some people have so many hurts that they don’t know why they act the way they act. The last thing they want is somebody else to judge and condemn them. We have to look at people through the eyes of love and compassion. The more mercy we show, the more mercy we receive. We can get so caught up in the affairs of others that we don’t pay attention to our own shortcomings that may need attention.Being a busy body is a convenient way to make us feel better about our own inadequacies. People who control their tongues control their lives.

Being a busy body is a convenient way to make us feel better about our own inadequacies. It is much better to use the time we spend being judgemental on dealing with our own inadequacies. Also, when we judge others and are critical, we are showing ourselves up in a bad light. People who are judgmental and critical are a turn off for others.


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