Why self-awareness is important


Self-awareness is having a perception of your thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions that are the blueprint for your life at the present moment in time.  It is an awareness of the software that you have developed over time that determines everything about you.

Had you been born to different parents, in a different society, having different experiences you would be a totally different personality, have different dreams, different self–esteem and living a different life. You may not be happy, successful or having a meaning life due to the beliefs and behaviour which have become your identity. Having awareness creates the opportunity discover who you really are, help you change and reach your potential in life.

You have been influenced to believe who you should be, what you should do, behave and what to become in life. High self-esteem is when you are true to yourself, where you can navigate through life without being concerned about what others think. 

The toddler has no fear, touches things, tastes things, is creative and has no limits. Gradually, the toddler learns to be fearful of the world, fearful of trial and error and making the mistakes that are necessary to grow and reach their true potential in life. They create a comfort zone in which to hide.

Self-awareness is the first step in the process of making changes to master your life. Unless you develop self-awareness your life keeps running on old subconscious programmes that have developed over time. Those patterns influence every aspect of your life. You need to figure out what you are doing and WHY are you doing it.

Self-awareness helps you examine what is the truth and what are the lies you believe about yourself and your life. You can then discard what is holding your back. You don’t have to stay in a job you hate, a dysfunctioning relationship or stay in any situation that hinders your progress towards self-actualisation and the achievement of self-fulfillment in life.

Discover what you are really good at and what is your passion. Self-awareness is not just focusing on your strengths, it is also about focusing on your shortcomings. When you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses you give yourself the best possibility for growth, you give yourself the best possibility of winning.

Are you true to yourself? They say life is a stage and you are the character acting out the script. The problem is that you start believing in your character. This script is co-written by parents, teachers and by society in general. If you were to write the script that was true to who you are how would it be different?

So many people are simply going through the motions in life. Doing what they think they should be doing, in a relationship, they think they should be in and so on. However, they are trying to mold themselves into a reality that doesn’t fit them but they feel that they are living a life that doesn’t fit. The gap between living true to our own authenticity and where we find ourselves is the space where unhappiness and the lack of fulfilment dwell.


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