People who are ALWAYS right


It is necessary to have positive and supportive friends in your life. We are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. Therefore, you should move on from those who are no addition to your life and replace them with better friends. Before we develop a friendship with someone, we first become an acquaintance and get to know them.

There are certain people who are best avoided as they are likely to be in ongoing conflict with you. In this post, I deal with one such type of personality, the “I am always right person.” So, if you are an acquaintance with such a person and with whom you could become friends, you better watch out.

They find it difficult to maintain good relationships with others. The fall out with friends and you find that they create a lot of enemies. If they got a sheet of paper and made a list of people that they had fallen out with in the past or are presently not on speaking terms with, you would find quite a few names on the list. Of course, it was ALWAYS the other person’s fault.

We all have opinions on a topic or situation and to us, this is the correct view according to ourselves. We must remember that others may have a completely different view as their perspective is formed from their knowledge, values and experiences that may be totally different to ours.

We acknowledge that other people have the right to have a different opinion. The “I am always right person” doesn’t accept this principle, it is I am right and you are wrong. They deny you the right to have a different opinion.

They find it difficult to compromise, they want to get you to accept their point of view, they want to impose it on you. This is what leads into conflict with other people.

Due to the fact that they don’t want to be seen to be wrong if they get something wrong they are likely to lie about it if they can. They are likely to be deceptive people.

You also find that they indirectly want to prove that you are wrong. For instance, if you are shopping in a particular fashion shop, then the items are inferior, old-fashioned or something else that shows that you are wrong to be shopping there. They may talk negatively about a friend, again you are wrong to have that friend.


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