Dealing with rejection

dealing with rejection

Everyone experiences rejection. The most successful , intelligent and good-looking people get rejected at some stage.  If we don’t recognise our worth, the world mirrors that, and we meet people who don’t see our worth either.

The pain of rejection is inevitable. We are hard-wired to feel pain when rejected, it is how we stay alive. We are tribal and we have the need to be accepted by the tribe.

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A lesson in communication


Good communication serves you well in life, whether it is in the relationship with your partner, family, work or social life. The following are some useful strategies to improve your communication with others.

Pausing. This is important so that you not interrupt the other person, you show that you are considering what the person is saying and also this helps you to listen better.

Ask questions. This helps to understand what the other person really means as opposed to presuming what he/she means. Don’t make assumptions, don’t jump to conclusions about what the person is thinking or feeling.

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The power of gratitude

the power of gratitude

We tend to take things for granted. The moment we achieve a goal or fulfill some dream we become thrilled and excited when it happens but then forget it’s significance with the passing of time. The things that we once saw as a blessing when they happened are now taken for granted.

Our list of gifts for which we should be truly grateful gets lost as we focus on the present challenges or setbacks we are presently experiencing. It is so easy to lose perspective and appreciation for everything in  our lives. It is important that we take the time to remind ourselves of how blessed we are.

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The importance of apologies

The importance of apologizing

Apologies are at the core to maintaining good relationships. People can intentionally hurt the feelings of others and sometimes it can happen unintentionally. No matter how it happens, it is important that an apology is given to the person who has been hurt.

The last thing to do when someone is hurt is trying to defend the action with excuses, “I was only joking”, “you took it up all wrong” etc. You are putting the blame on the other person for feeling hurt – this is WRONG. If the person is hurt by what you said or did, the person is hurt and you must apologize for causing the hurt. When you apologize you are keeping your focus on a peaceful solution.

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Law of attraction made simple


Many people think the principle of the law of attraction originated in the film “The Secret” but his principle goes back a long time. In fact, there are references to this principle in the bible “For the thing which I did fear is come upon me, And that which I was afraid of hath overtaken me.”

When tend to attract into our lives what we focus on the most. Your deeper mind doesn’t engage in negatives or abstraction. While you might be focusing on a future problem that you don’t want and intellectually considering how to avoid it, the deeper mind believes that this is what you want because this is the picture you are focusing on.

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Moving outside our comfort zone


Do you settle for “good enough?” If you settle for good enough you are holding back from the potential of living life to your full potential. Do you want to turn your back on the experience of achieving true fulfillment and happiness in life?  

We have a mechanism that wants to protect us from the unknown, one that doesn’t want us to change. However, that mechanism can keep us trapped in a life where we don’t feel fulfilled, a life where we settle for second best, for an ok relationship, an ok job and so on.

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Why self-awareness is important


Self-awareness is having a perception of your thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions that are the blueprint for your life at the present moment in time.  It is an awareness of the software that you have developed over time that determines everything about you.

Had you been born to different parents, in a different society, having different experiences you would be a totally different personality, have different dreams, different self–esteem and living a different life. You may not be happy, successful or having a meaning life due to the beliefs and behaviour which have become your identity. Having awareness creates the opportunity discover who you really are, help you change and reach your potential in life.

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