How words create your reality

The life you experience today is a manifestation of your words. Your life today is the reality you have created by the words you have expressed all your life as the truth about yourself. You are living the story in which you believe.

The things that you said or heard repeatedly got wired in you brain and they have become your reality. Science has now proven that your brain is constantly rewiring itself to create your reality. The wonderful thing about this fact is that you can choose what you think about, and what you tell yourself as being true about yourself and in doing so you can literally rewire your brain for success.

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Mindset of confident people

Confident people always seem sure about themselves. They don’t seem to run out of things to say, they make friends easily, no social situation seems to frazzle them. People often ask if such people are born confident, the answer is that EVERYONE is born confident.

Confidence is everyone’s default state. However, the home and community in which we grow up determine whether or not we hold onto that confidence.  Trauma, punishment, shaming and other such experience can erode our confidence, make us fearful and anxious in the company of others. It also affects our attitude to life and our level of happiness and success in life.

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Responsibility versus blame

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We have a tendency to blame anything but ourselves when it comes to the position in which we find ourselves in life. We buy into this blaming because it lets us off the hook. It is easy to say it isn’t our fault.  If only other things outside our control were different then our reality would be different.

The decisions you have made throughout your life have led you to where you are now. When you say that the circumstances of your life are in the hands of others, you are giving away your power.

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Dealing with apathy

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Apathy is the absence of excitement, enthusiasm, inspiration or passion. For many people, apathy is a way of being. Such people have learned to suppress their emotions since an early age as they learned that the expression of emotion is not ok.

The person who suffers from apathy feels that it is not safe to want. Despair is the root case of apathy. it is the absence of hope. When you suffer from apathy you also have lost touch with your feelings, you tend to feel numbed whatever is occurring in your life.

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Dealing with uncertainty


We have a tendency to try and control outcomes. We have to let go out attachment to wanting things to happen exactly how we want them to happen. Life is uncertain and we have to accept what comes along. Life events will not match our expectations.

Gift are often parcelled as problems. What happens may not meet our expectations of what should happen but it maybe what we need at that stage of our journey. We may not see that the moment of adversity what the universe has in store for us to become a better person and be of greater significance.

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Toxic shame

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We have to differentiate between toxic shame and healthy shame that everyone experiences throughout their lives, healthy shame helps people stay within certain boundaries. It is helpful as opposed to toxic shame, it prevents you from doing shameful things.

Healthy shame is knowing your limits. The feeling that lets you know that you are limited. Without healthy shame one is not in touch with the one’s boundaries. It lets you know that you can make mistakes, that mistakes are the opportunity for learning.

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“I AM” statements are powerful

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You can decide your destiny in life. Basically, you are the architect and engineer in constructing your life.  Your thoughts about yourself in the past have manifested themselves as your present reality.

When you change the beliefs about who you are, you change the person you become and the life that you will lead in the future. Most people are critical of themselves and this is mainly due to the beliefs others had of them in the past. The internalised the feedback and take it as the truth about themselves. People have a tendency not to question their beliefs, they don’t know whether or not they have any validity.

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