Overcoming disappointments

overcoming disappointments

There is no need to struggle with disappointment. There is really nothing to be disappointed about, the flow of events just happen. We may have a perceived expectation of the way things should materialise but the universe may have a different plan for us.

We must allow and accept reality as it unfolds. It may not be as we expected but what happens to us is part of a greater plan that helps us to grow and become a better person. When you look at things this way you realise that there is a purpose to everything that happens.

Life may seem messy at times but that is the nature of things. When you think of the changing seasons, the storms, the calm, the rain, the beautiful sunshine, nature is never easy and smooth but that is the necessary flow to keep everything in balance. Our lives is much the same, we live in the flow of the universe.

When we have plans. those plans are the plans created by the smallness of our egos, we fail to realise that we are a part of a greater universal plan. When things don’t happen the way we expect, we can get disappointed but everything changes when we realise that what happens is a necessary part of the journey that was designed for us.

What we perceive as a negative can be a blessing in disguise that we have not yet figured out. God often parcels gifts as problems. Accept the disappointment and realise that there is a purpose to what has happened.

Setbacks help us to grow. We can perceive what happens as something awful when it happens but five years down the line that event can be seen as a turning point in our lives, an event that took us to a new level of growth and happiness. What we get in life is not as important as the person we become on our journey.

Disappointment is part of the growing process, life has a way of closing doors to keep you moving in the right direction. Disappointment is a pain when it happens but it is the pain necessary for us to grow. People want to run from pain but we must embrace it. You then move forward faster and stronger.

Disappointments don’t define you. Life is a journey that does not run in a straight line, things won’t happen in the way that you expected. Without the darkness of night, you would not appreciate the light of day. If everything happened as smoothly as you expected, life would be boring. We need the challenge of setbacks to help us feel fully alive.


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