Moving outside our comfort zone


Do you settle for “good enough?” If you settle for good enough you are holding back from the potential of living life to your full potential. Do you want to turn your back on the experience of achieving true fulfillment and happiness in life?  

We have a mechanism that wants to protect us from the unknown, one that doesn’t want us to change. However, that mechanism can keep us trapped in a life where we don’t feel fulfilled, a life where we settle for second best, for an ok relationship, an ok job and so on.

People tend to take the path of least resistance. This may seem a good thing to do, you don’t put what you have at risk.  If you take this approach you are settling forever for what have now. Once, we stop stretching and taking risks we stop growing.

When we leave our comfort zone, we dig deep inside to our untapped talent to deal with change. Then, we learn something new, gain new skills and become more confident. Stepping outside your comfort zone can take you into a new space where you become an empowered and start living a life that you were destined to live.

When you settle for second best, your higher self that had all the dreams when you were young starts to nag at you. You may try to repress it but it will not die. Deep down you have a longing to do something better with you life, it doesn’t want to live with mediocrity. Self-actualization is a need, not a luxury. When we repress our need for self-actualization we are preparing the soil in which neurosis and addiction can grow.

Giving up on your dreams can rob you of your passion for life, you feel like a victim. You may become bitter and resentful of those who were brave enough to live their dreams. 

When you reach the end of your life you may be full of regrets, “what if I had gone for it?” On their death bed, people don’t have regrets about they did but about what they didn’t do. A minister officiating at a funeral once said that it wasn’t the death of a body that bothered him the most but the death of their dreams.

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