Live your dream

follow your dream

Is your life all that you want it to be? Have you unfilled dreams? Would you like to feel alive, following your passion but instead you are caught up in just a mediocre life? 

Are you so focused on what is going on around you in the world that you give no time to what can take your life to the next level? It is so easy to be a spectator of what is going on in other peoples’ lives, interested in what they are doing, engaging in conversations about what is going on in their world.

Do you have a plan for your life, do you have a star to follow? When you have goals do you spend your valuable time focusing on making that dream come true? It is so tragic that many people spend a lot of time just trying to pass the time, engaging in trivial activities.

You should be investing your time taking action, learning from those you want to emulate and then putting it into practice. Don’t be consumed by what is going in the life of others, ignoring your own path.

What are your gifts and talents, everybody has gifts and talents? It is a matter of finding what they are and creating a plan.  You only feel truly fulfilled when you are on the path that was designed for you.

If you have a dream don’t let others talk you out of your dream. Those people who want to talk you out of your dream don’t have any dream, or if they do they don’t have what it takes to actualize their dreams. They are prepared to settle for what they have.

They won’t want to see you succeeding and see themselves left behind, they will want to pull you down to their level. Don’t allow your self-worth to be based on what others think of you, believe in yourself. 

People spend their time complaining, they are just looking for excuses for where they are in life. They blame other people and circumstances, things that they have no control over. The only thing you control is your own mindset.  If you don’t succeed in life it is not due to circumstances outside of you, it has to do with your mindset.

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