Law of attraction made simple


Many people think the principle of the law of attraction originated in the film “The Secret” but his principle goes back a long time. In fact, there are references to this principle in the bible “For the thing which I did fear is come upon me, And that which I was afraid of hath overtaken me.”

When tend to attract into our lives what we focus on the most. Your deeper mind doesn’t engage in negatives or abstraction. While you might be focusing on a future problem that you don’t want and intellectually considering how to avoid it, the deeper mind believes that this is what you want because this is the picture you are focusing on.

I will give you this principle in a simple everyday occurrence. The overweight girl is addicted to chocolate and she wants to stop eating it to lose weight. She gets up in the morning and thinks about the chocolate she shouldn’t be eating. The more she thinks about the chocolate she shouldn’t be eating, the more she desires it until finally, she has to perform the action and eat the chocolate. She should keep thinking about the food she had planned to eat instead or keep focussed on slim figure she desires.

You can now see how the principle of the law attraction can influence your life in general. When we focus on a particular outcome, whether we want it or not, the mind creates the thoughts, energy, creativity and action to realize whatever we focus on.

The principle of the law of attraction affects us on many levels. Everything is energy and this energy is always in motion, we live in an ocean of motion. This energy vibrates at different frequencies. Our thoughts influence the vibration.

The frequency of vibration attracts a similar frequency like a magnet. The negative person’s energy draws other negative people into their lives and their energy repels people with a positive energy. So, if you want to attract positive, happy people into your life you must first change your energy frequency by changing your mindset. 

All this attraction and repulsion occur subconscious mind to subconscious mind out of conscious awareness. Often, we can bring what is subconscious into conscious awareness when we become consciously tuned in. This is why we can hear the comment “I didn’t like that person’s energy”.

If we are in a positive state of mind we create a positive vibration that leads to good health and wellbeing. If we create a negative vibration we create illness in the body. This is why a stressful way of living that is now the reality for any people is leading to an increase in both emotional and physical problems. 

So, the law of attraction affects our success in life, our health, our relationships and every single aspect of our lives.

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