Keep hope alive


We often hear the phrase “don’t give people false hope”. There is no such thing as false hope, there is just hope and hopelessness. The state of hopelessness isn’t a good state, it is where you have decided to throw in the towel. When you become hopeless you stop trying to win or to live.

No matter how the odds seems to be or many obstacles or how big the obstacles are don’t give up, don’t stop believing. The can be many obstacles on the road of life but don’t let the obstacle stop you, get around it or over it. There a saying “the obstacle in the path of the week becomes the stepping stone in the path of the strong.”

Life can hit us hard but it isn’t how hard we get hit, it is a matter of how hard we get hit and keep striving to reach our goals in life. Success in life isn’t easy if it was easy everybody would be successful

Be it reaching goals in life to be successful or when faced with serious illness, it is essential to BELIEVE that we can make it. Often, when people are faced with an illness that they can beat, they don’t make the changes necessary to make a full recovery. When people are optimistic and change their lifestyle the force for healing and living can make the difference between life and death.

Don’t expect life to be smooth, if things can go wrong they will go wrong and they will go wrong at the worst possible moment. When things go wrong the circumstances don’t matter, your perspectives matter.

When things go wrong are the moments when you discover who you really are. You might be scared of success, you might be scared of losing what you got. Losing is not losing what you got, losing is not becoming the person you can become. 

When you truly grow you can lose everything but you can get it all back. Truly successful people can lose everything but it is only a matter of time before they can get it all back because they have developed the mindset of a successful person. 

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