Do you feel alive?


“I have no energy” is a common statement you hear. You may wonder why some people seem to be full of energy and others, not energetic enough to get up from the couch. The good news about energy is that you have control over your level of energy.

We don’t have energy, we generate energy. A power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates energy. There are a number of main factors that determines how a healthy body generates energy: what you consume, how you move and your mindset.


Your diet has a major effect on how the body’s energy level. Think of food as fuel, your body needs the correct fuel, just a car needs the correct fuel or it will not produce the energy to function properly.

What is the correct food? Just as other others species have food that is natural for them, we human also have the correct food for us, this food is natural unprocessed food. If you eat processed food that is high in sugar and other chemicals it will drain your energy level. Also, it is important that you eat on a regular basis throughout the day.

In addition to food, it is essential you drink sufficient water and avoid the intake of other drugs such as alcohol, nicotine and other drugs.


Movement generates energy. People who never move have no energy to get up and do something. When you start to move you generate the energy necessary to keep you in motion. This is why you may find it difficult to get up and go for a walk but when you get going you feel energetic and start enjoying the experience.

While movement is important, rest is also a requirement to feel energetic throughout the day. you need to allow the body to restore itself. It is important that you take naps and also get a good night sleep.


Your thoughts have a major influence on your mood and energy level. Positive people are happier and energetic. For a related post on how to become a positive person click HERE.

This practical exercise shows you how your thoughts influence your strength. You need a partner for the exercise. Extend your right arm straight out to the side, shoulder height, parallel to the floor. Think of a powerful moment from the past, get your partner to press down on your arm and try to resist. Let the partner press down until your arm begins to lower.

Then close your eyes and lower your arms. See yourself doing something negative and say your favourite put-down words several times.Then raise your arm again and keep repeating the put-down words while the partner presses down on your arm. You will find that you have less resistance, the partner can push your arm down more easily.

I mentioned a healthy body in the introduction. If you think that the above factors are in place in your life and you still lack energy you should check with your doctor to see if there is any medical problem. Problems with your thyroid, other medical problems, and medication can be affecting you.

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