Dealing with uncertainty


We have a tendency to try and control outcomes. We have to let go out attachment to wanting things to happen exactly how we want them to happen. Life is uncertain and we have to accept what comes along. Life events will not match our expectations.

Gift are often parcelled as problems. What happens may not meet our expectations of what should happen but it maybe what we need at that stage of our journey. We may not see that the moment of adversity what the universe has in store for us to become a better person and be of greater significance.

We should trust the process of life, we should trust that we are guided. What we want according to the wishes of the ego may not be what is in our best overall interest. When a major setback happens it may seem as a tragedy but five years down the line it may have been a blessing that changed the direction of one’s life for the better.

We must release our resistance to uncertainty. We have goals and should work towards those goals but we can’t work towards goals if we are in resistance to our present reality. Wishing that what is there wasn’t there and seeing all that might have happened is just wasting time and creativity in making progress in life. Including the uncertainty makes us more efficient in making progress.

What is happening is what is supposed to be happening, we have to find the meaning in what is happening. The events that happen is not what cause unhappiness but our interpretation of what is happening, we are in resistance to the events.

When you resist the negative events in your life, you get caught up in the events and it saps your energy, crushes you emotionally and you are not open to receive the abundance and guidance in life. What you resist persists, so stop resisting, embrace the reality your life as it is and move on to live a life of abundance.

We tend to overestimate what a particular outcome can be in the future, good and bad. A Harvard psychologist, Dr. Daniet Gilbert discovered a secret that whatever you are uncertain about doesn’t really matter, we experience what is called “impact bias”. Impact bias means that we overestimate how happy or how unhappy a future experience will make us. Not alone will the happy outcomes we hope for not make us as happy as we think, the unhappy outcomes won’t make us as unhappy as we think either.

Research shows that after a period of time after any event happening, good or bad, we tend to return to the level of happiness we had before the event happened. We tend to have a default state of happiness and we tend to reframe events in a way that get us back to that level of happiness.

So, if you would calculate your general level of happiness over time as 6 out of 10, no matter what happens in the future, you will over time reframe your perception of what happens back to 6 out of 10 once again.

Finally, don’t underestimate your coping skills. You have coped with the events of your life up to the present moment, you will also do the same in the future. So, there is no need to get stressed out about the future.


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