Be a flexible person

be a flexible person

“When one door of happiness closes,  another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Helen Keller.

We have to move our thinking from being rigid to being flexible. The more flexible you are the more you can accomplish. People take pride in consistency, this is what I always thought and this is what I think today. This does not take account of any new insights that you receive.

Flexibility in a situation depends on our mood we are in, our beliefs or ideas, or our fears of letting go those beliefs or ideas. Being inflexible can led to even greater stress or conflict. Often people are inflexible as they equate being flexible with weakness. The opposite is the case, you can remain steadfast in your values and beliefs and still be open to other people’s feelings and wishes.

If we listen, we can change our minds. This is called growth, we open up to new possibilities. Often, people can develop a perception in childhood or adolescence and maintain that perspective for the rest of their lives regardless of any insights that can disprove what they staunchly believe.

We can have a foolish consistency that doesn’t serve us well. We should open our minds before we make up our minds. This is actually frowned upon in some areas of life. You will often hear politicians say that another political party made a u-turn in some aspect of policy. How bizarre is it that even though new information comes to light that you should still hold on to old belief.

We can become attached to ideas and things, this is known as “non-attachment”. This means that you are not holding on, you are not grasping and expectations and emotions are not controlling your life.

If you’re a flexible thinker, you consider a range of different possible consequences of your actions rather than only considering an optimistic view or only considering a pessimistic view. If you are considering making a big change in your life, you won’t just focus on the upsides you will also consider the downsides.

it is not surprising to see that there is rigidness in individuals who are depressed and anxious. Flexibility means seeing things from different perspectives, tolerating ambiguity, and taking risks Our environment is constantly changing and to be happy and mentally well we need the ability to handle diversity and accept other people’s preferences.

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