Are you avoiding problems?

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Are there areas of your life that need change but you find yourself in denial about them. ignoring them or just hoping they will go away? Maybe, there is a problem with your weight, your relationship or your lifestyle in general and you put things on the long finger.

The sooner you start taking action, the sooner the problem will get solved. In addition, the longer you allow a problem to persist the more difficult it may become to solve.

It is important that you get out of denial and look at what the real situation is at the moment regarding whatever aspect of your life that needs attention. When you are honest with yourself and see things as they really are, you can then begin to take action.

When you look at the action that needs to be taken, it is not as bad as you may think. Often, the anxiety and stress around the action are much worse than the action itself you have to take. You may have a negative connotation linked with the particular action that paralyses you from taking action.

The longer you allow a problem to fester, the more stress and anxiety that builds up where it becomes an overblown problem. When it comes to health issues, the problem may develop into a life-threatening illness if not addressed in time.

The temporary discomfort in dealing with the problem is less than the ongoing stress and anxiety from living with the problem. If you think of having a bad toothache, it is better to suffer the temporary discomfort of extracting the tooth than suffering an ongoing toothache. This is much the same with small and major problems in your life.

People can have a tendency to hide behind excuses when it comes to certain problem areas of their lives. Whether it is an addiction, relationships or any other problematic behaviour excuses can be forthcoming. For instance, they might have the excuse of needing the treat of junk food to relax and cope with stress.

People might not want to change because by doing so they admit to themselves that they didn’t face the truth in the past. They can keep investing in something that isn’t working rather than admitting that it isn’t working. Continuing to stay in a bad relationship is a good example of this persistence.

So, stop beating your head against the wall, take a step back, see the truth about your situation and plan a strategy and take action. You deserve better than living a life that is less than you deserve where you have the choice of taking action where you can live a more fulfilled and happy life.


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